Frequently Asked Questions
Daytona Beach Fishing Charters
Daytona Beach, Florida

How do I book a charter?
You can call Captain Corey or Captain Mel directly at 386-265-2638. You can also use our convenient "Book A Trip" form on our Contact Page and Captain Corey or Captain Mel will contact you to confirm availability.

How many people are allowed on a charter?
The maximum capacity on all charters, whether they are fishing charters, eco-tours or specialty trips, is 6 passengers.

What If we have more than 6 people in our party?
We can arrange for up to 3 boats working together for a total of 18 passengers. You also have the option to go on the Sea Spirit, known as a “Head” or “Party” boat that has the capacity of 55 passengers. See Multi-Passenger Fishing Trips.

What’s the difference between a Private Charter boat and a “Head” or “Party” boat?
All Private Charter boats in Florida are licensed to carry 6 passengers maximum. A “Head” or “Party” Boat such as Se Spirit can carry many more passengers who are charged individually or per head.

Is there an age limit?
No, all our charters are Family Friendly. All our captains work especially well with young anglers as well as first timers.

Where do we leave from?
We depart from 3 convenient private locations with easy free parking and security in Daytona Beach, Port Orange and Ponce Inlet. The World Famous Boat Tours leave from Daytona Marina in the heart of Daytona Beach. On the Hook Charters departs from Boondocks Restaurant in Port Orange. Sea Spirit departs from Down the Hatch restaurant in Ponce Inlet.

When do your charters depart?
Each boat has its own schedule. Please contact each captain to schedule your charter at a time convenient for you. Please no night fishing trips!

What do you supply?
At Daytona Beach Fishing Charters, we supply everything you need to fish including fishing licenses, rods and tackle, bait and ice for your catch in our ice chests as well as ice for your cold drinks. We also clean and bag your catch!

Do I need a fishing license?
No, fishing licenses are automatically included for every angler on board on all our fishing charters. If you go surf fishing with us, we will still include a fishing license but each angler must bring a photo ID.

What should I bring?
Polarized sunglasses, sun screen (non-spray), drinks and snacks, a camera and a towel. Keep a cooler in your car to bring home your catch. (We will filet and bag your catch for you) Above all bring a smile and be prepared to have fun!

What should I wear?
Polarized sunglasses, a wide brim hat and a light jacket especially if your charter begins in the early morning during the cool season (November through March). Also, it can get chilly traveling in an open boat at 20 to 30 knots! During the summer months, a loose fitting, long sleeve, UPV shirt is helpful, especially if you are very susceptible to sun burn. Light colored clothing will help keep you cool too! Flip flops or sandals are perfect foot wear on our charters.

Do I need to bring ice or a cooler?
Our boat is equipped with a very large cooler with ice for your catch. All you need is a small cooler for your drinks and a larger cooler to keep in your vehicle to bring your catch back with you. We will supply the ice for your coolers and filet and bag your catch as well.

What should I not bring?
Do not bring bananas, large coolers, purses or anything you don't want to get wet. Glass containers, hard liquor and illegal substances of any kind are not allowed on board!

Can we bring alcohol?
Yes, you may bring beer or wine on board but they must be in cans or plastic containers. No glass containers are allowed! (Glass bottles and boats do not get along!) Also hard liquor and illegal substances of any kind are not allowed on board!

What do we catch?
There is a wide variety of fish that can be caught on a Daytona Beach fishing charter both inshore and offshore. For more information about the species we catch see Inshore Fishing Charters, Offshore Fishing Charters and Shark Fishing Trips.

Can we keep the fish we catch?
In most cases, yes! However many fish species are regulated with seasons, catch and size limits. Captain Corey and Captain Mel are very knowledgeable of current state and federal fishing regulations and will let you know which fish are "keepers" and which are "catch and release". Remember, every fish is fun to catch, even fish that are "catch and release" only.

Who cleans the fish we catch?
We do! Cleaning, filleting and bagging your catch is included.

Are there local restaurants that will cook our catch for us?
Yes! Ask us about nearby restaurants that will cook your catch for a memorable "Catch and Dine" experience. Millie’s, Boondocks and Crabby Joe’s are recommended.

Is there a restroom on board?
No, our boats do not have on board toilets and standard outdoor bathroom etiquette applies.

Can I bring my pet?
Yes, our charters are pet friendly and pets are allowed.

Is there a cover?
Our boat is equipped with a cover over the center console area of the boat that will give you a shady break from the Florida sun.

Will I get wet?
When boating you can expect to get some sea spray especially when traveling fast in the open ocean. We recommend bringing a towel with you just in case!

What can I do about sea sickness?
Although you should always consult your doctor regarding any medications, we have found that taking two dramamines the night before your charter and one dramamine the day of the charter works well. We also offer Surf Fishing adventures where you can have fun catching fish without leaving the beach.

Do you offer night fishing trips?
No, for safety reasons, we do not fish after dark.

Is a deposit necessary?
Yes. All reservations require a credit card. Please read our Cancellation Policy below (next question)

What is your cancellation policy?
There is no cancellation charge due to bad weather. All other cancellations need to be cleared with the captain.

Is tipping allowed? Yes, a gratuity of 15 - 30% is greatly appreciated, especially if you had a really good trip. (similar to how you would tip your server in a restaurant for good service!)