Inshore Fishing with
Daytona Beach Fishing Charters
Daytona Beach, Florida


Captain Corey and a guest angler with a 6 pound Flounder caught on an inshore fishing trip.

Our inshore fishing charters are the perfect combination of relaxation, beautiful natural scenery and fishing for a wide variety of saltwater species. Also known as back country fishing, our inshore fishing trips will take you on an adventure down the Halifax River to the lower Halifax River basin that is largely untouched by modern development. The slow moving Halifax River is a classic Florida coastal river with brackish waters that are prime habitat for many sought after fish species as well as dolphins, manatees and exotic waterbirds. There are fish species that spend their entire lives in the river such as Ladyfish and Shovel Head Sharks and many more like Redfish, Black Drum and Flounder that live along the river until they rich maturity when they leave the protection of the river’s estuaries for the open waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

As we venture down the Halifax River, mangrove islands split the river into multiple channels fed by meandering creeks and coastal marshes. The journey to our favorite fishing spots is like a scenic eco-tour where you may see manatees feeding on sea grass or ospreys diving for fish before the first line is cast. There are plenty of exotic waterbirds and other Florida wildlife that we’ll encounter on the way to our favorite fishing spots. An inshore fishing trip along the Halifax River is perfect for families, first-timers and anyone who wants to just relax and enjoy some great Florida style fishing without the wave action offshore that can lead to sea-sickness.


Captain Corey holds a slot size Redfish that will make a delicious seafood dish!

Many of Florida’s favorite fish species inhabit these inshore waters. On an inshore fishing trip with Daytona Beach Fishing Charters you can encounter some of the best tasting fish and some of the hardest fighting fish Florida has to offer all on the same fishing trip. The Halifax River is home to Redfish, Black Drum, Speckled Trout, Snook, Tarpon, Flounder, Mangrove Snapper, Spanish Mackerel and Sheepshead. Even King Mackerel, Barracudas and Sharks can be found along the river, especially as we fish closer to the mouth of the river where the brackish water becomes increasingly saltier as we near the ocean.

We can fish all the way to Ponce Inlet on our inshore fishing charters. At the mouth of Daytona Beach’s Halifax River, where it flows into the Atlantic Ocean, lies Ponce Inlet. Named after the famous Spanish explorer, Ponce de Leon, who discovered Florida while seeking the legendary Fountain of Youth, Ponce Inlet is one of our favorite places to fish. At Ponce Inlet, the nutrient rich waters of the Halifax River pour into the sea and creates a super feeding ground for every critter on the aquatic food chain. When fishing Ponce Inlet you can find just about every species of fish found inshore or nearshore in the Daytona Beach area. On our inshore fishing charters, we can venture all the way down the Halifax River to fish at Ponce Inlet, especially during certain times of the year when the species we love to catch arrive there in large numbers to spawn or to feast on large schools of bait fish entering or existing the river.


A mature bull Redfish we caught at Ponce Inlet. In Autumn we can fish the famed “Redfish Run” at Ponce Inlet.

Big Reds, Big Snook and Big Tarpon at Ponce Inlet! Ponce Inlet is well known among hard core anglers visiting the Daytona Beach area. Serious experienced anglers seeking large trophy fish will often head for Ponce Inlet at select times of the year when large adults of highly desirable species such as Redfish, Snook and Tarpon will congregate to breed and feed. During the winter months you can find large schools of Snook at Ponce Inlet with catches weighing in at 10 pounds or more. During the late summer, tarpon in the 60 to 100 pound range move through Ponce Inlet into the Halifax River basin to feed. And during the fall, schools of huge adult bull Redfish weighing 20 to 40 pounds or more will pass through Ponce Inlet and into the Halifax River to feast on schools of mullet and other bait fish that have entered the river to feed.

During most of the year large Snook, Redfish and Tarpon are widely scattered throughout their habitat. But at the right time of year, your chances of landing a really big one around Ponce Inlet are greatly enhanced. Either way you’ll have a fun time fishing anywhere along the Halifax River on an inshore fishing trip with Captain Corey and Captain Melissa of Daytona Beach Fishing Charters.

Our goal is make sure everyone on board has a boat load of fun fishing in Daytona Beach!

Whatever your experience level, Daytona Beach Fishing Charters has an offshore fishing trip for you! So if your party consists of experienced anglers or a family with children who are new to fishing, let us know and Captain Corey and Captain Melissa will customize a trip just for you.

Here are some of the different fish species we encounter on our Daytona Beach Inshore Fishing Trips along the Halifax River.




Black Drum


Speckled Trout (Spotted Sea Trout)


Shovelhead Shark


Atlantic Sharpnose Shark


Redfish (Red Drum)