Eco-Tours with
Daytona Beach Fishing Charters
Daytona Beach, Florida


A Pink Spoonbill in the Halifax River wetlands.

Discover wild, natural Florida on a guided eco-tour with Daytona Beach Fishing Charters. Just minutes from downtown Daytona Beach and unexplored by most visitors to the Sunshine State, lies the pristine and beautiful Halifax River basin. Flowing right through Daytona Beach, the Halifax River is largely ignored or just overlooked by most visitors heading to the beaches. The river is largely viewed as simply the site of beautiful waterfront homes and looming condominiums as it passes through towns along its banks such as Daytona Beach and Port Orange. However, just a little on further down the river, modern development ends and the Halifax River widens and diverges into a complex maze of protected, undeveloped waterways full of Florida marine life and exotic water birds. This is the lower Halifax River basin, wild and untamed, and still pretty much as it was when Spanish explorers first discovered Florida over 500 years ago. Here you’ll find extensive coastal marshes, meandering creeks that lead into the river and dozens of small islands that split the river many times over.


Two Manatees in the Halifax River

This portion of the Halifax River is prime wildlife habitat and where our eco-tours really begin! It’s brackish waters are home to an extraordinarily diverse variety of marine creatures from dolphins to manatees and an abundant number of waterbirds including pink Spoonbills, White Ibises, Blue Herons, Great Egrets and Wood Storks. Along the way you may see Cormorants diving for fish or a Bald Eagle or Osprey catch a fish in it’s claws. Florida Brown Pelicans are plentiful year round and from October through March, large flocks of 40 - 60 Great White Pelicans make the Halifax River their winter home.

Your eco-tour guides, Captain Melissa and Captain Corey of Daytona Beach Fishing Charters routinely fish this section of the Halifax River on their guided inshore fishing charters. They know these waters intimately as well as the habits and habitats of the many fascinating creatures that live there. Most importantly Melissa and Corey truly enjoy showing visitors the beauty of the river and the wildlife that makes it their home. Complete your vacation to Florida with an unforgettable tour of natural Florida. Kids and families are especially welcome. As one young visitor said on our eco-tour after visiting the nearby Orlando attractions: “This is the REAL Jungle Cruise”.

Here are videos taken on our Daytona Beach Eco-Tours

Turtle hatching on the beach.

Dolphin playing with our boat in the ocean.

Manatee mama and her calf.

Manatee scratching on our anchor.

A crab eating a flounder.