Shark Fishing with
Daytona Beach Fishing Charters
Daytona Beach, Florida


A 6 foot Black Tip Shark on the line. Too big and dangerous to bring on board but a thrill to catch!

Our Shark Fishing Trips are an exciting adventure for anglers of all ages and experience levels. There’s nothing more thrilling than doing battle with one of the sea’s top predators. If you’re looking to experience what it’s like to have one of nature’s most feared creatures on the other end of your line, you’ve come to the right place. Daytona Beach is one of Florida’s top destinations for shark fishing and at Daytona Beach Fishing Charters, shark fishing is our specialty.

In Daytona Beach, Every Week is Shark Week! You don’t have to go far offshore to encounter sharks in Daytona Beach. Most visitors to Daytona’s famous beaches are blissfully unaware of what dangers lurk just beyond the waves breaking only yards from shore. Just past the sandbars where tourists swim out to gather sand dollars or to catch a wave to surf back to shore, sharks are prowling for a meal. The sharks that lurk in these nearshore waters are always hungry so no matter what time of year you visit Daytona Beach, the sharks are waiting and the captains at Daytona Beach Fishing Charters are ready to take you shark fishing!

You never know what kind of sharks you’ll encounter on a Daytona Beach Shark Fishing Trip! There are dozens of species of sharks inhabiting Florida waters. Some of the species typically caught when fishing off the coast of Daytona Beach include Bull Sharks, Atlantic Sharpnosed Sharks, Black Tip Sharks, Lemon Sharks, Nurse Sharks, Shovel Head Sharks, Duskies, Silkies and Hammerheads.

Fishing Near Shore for Sharks provides the best all round shark fishing experience for everyone. Sharks are dangerous and powerful creatures that can put up quite a fight! That’s what makes them so much fun to catch and thrilling to encounter. We want every one of our guests to have an awesome, unforgettable shark fishing experience but most of all a safe one. While some of the shark species we encounter when fishing near the Daytona Beach shore can grow to huge sizes and become voracious man eaters, most of the specimens we hook are between 3 and 6 feet in length. Even at that size, sharks can be very dangerous especially when brought on board.


That’s an Atlantic Sharpnose Shark Captain Corey is holding for an excited guest angler!

Much bigger sharks have been caught in the same area we fish so anything is possible when shark fishing in Daytona Beach. As a rule, the further offshore you fish, the bigger the sharks. The sharks we catch near shore are plenty big enough to give everyone on board a thrill but not so big as to add unnecessary risks to our shark fishing adventure. In addition, the hot spots we fish just off the coast are close enough to minimize our travel time which means more time catching sharks! Captain Corey and Captain Melissa have extensive experience handling sharks and will use their skills to keep everyone safe while getting up close and personal with these dangerous predators.

You may encounter sharks on any of our Daytona Beach Fishing trips! Sharks are just about everywhere in the Daytona Beach area, nearshore along the coast just off the beaches, offshore prowling the open sea or living among the bottom dwellers on our offshore reefs. There are also species of sharks living in our inshore waters. Shovelhead sharks are commonly caught in the brackish waters of the Halifax River. Other shark species that are usually found in the Atlantic Ocean sometimes enter the Halifax River while chasing prey such as Atlantic Sharpnose sharks and even Bull Sharks!

Daytona Beach Fishing Charters provides Shark Fishing Trips Everyone Can Enjoy! So whether your party consists of old fishing buddies who want a different kind of fishing experience or a family with hard to impress kids and teens, try shark fishing in Daytona Beach with Captain Corey and Captain Melissa.

Our goal is make sure everyone on board has a boat load of fun fishing in Daytona Beach!

These Atlantic Sharp Nose Sharks are a popular catch on our Shark Fishing Trips. They only pose a moderate threat to humans and bringing them on board is always exciting for our guest anglers.